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I may go with you but, I am not a follower. I am a person who is constantly evolving. I chase perfetion not because I hope to be perfect but, by chasing perfection I hope to acheive excellence. I don't like anything in particular. I dislike everything else. I am not easy to get along with, but I am a fierce friend. I am a jerk, but I am a really nice guy. At times I am exceedingly brave, other times I am overwhelmingly meek. I am an unparralled genius, and I am an unrivaled idiot. I am a succinct enigma, a paradox explained. I am a lot of things, but mostly...

I am DJames617

I love to learn.

The reason this page exists is because I was bored. I had blown through my anime library and didn't want to watch TV anymore. The rest of the family seemed content lost in cyberspace. I spend most of my days fixing other people's computer problems so I didn't feel to spend more hours in front of a computer screen, but I ended up helping my kids with their remote learning schoolwork. Since I couldn't escape the screens I decided that I would overcome boredom not by consuming cyberspace, but producing it. My only problem was I didn't know how to write web pages. Then I realized that really wasn't a problem. I am a knowledge geek. I really nerd out on it. Once I find something I like, I collect everything I can about. Then I learn everything I can about. Then it becomes part of my life. So I decided to learn how to write web pages. I bought this domain, because the only way to force myself to do it is to jump right in. That led to just as many question as it did answers. That just meant more learning.

I live with my family in Massachusetts.
My wife, 2 daughters, and our dog Leo have been hunkered down for about 22 months at the time of this writing.

I am an avid learner. It's almost like I have ADD. Maybe I do, but I've never been diagnosed. I have to keep busy, but it has to be something I've never done before.
I need something for my mind to ingest or it will start to eat itself.

Anime and certain movies are the only things I like to repeat. Everyone has their own individual wierdness. You can judge me if you want.

My current and ongoing project is our new Boxer. He's a handful when he's awake. At 18 months old he does not spend a lot of time sleeping anymore.

Someone once told me "Silence is golden. Unless you live with a boxer, then silence is very suspicious."

I've never been told anything more true. Add two children to the mix and silence is down right terrifying...

That can be kind of challenging, especially on days like today when it snows and we're left to deal with 23 inches of the stuff. No walks today buddy.

I think I mentioned that I fixed people's computer problems before. I was a member of the helpdesk for a publishing company. This meant that I helped people undo the damage they did to their company laptops. Some of the issues they have still boggle me. I've never had half the issues that I've fixed. The issue is always urgent even when it's trivial. When someone flags me down with their Hair on Fire, I calmly put them out and get them working again. Now ...

I am Learning Something New Again

Since I just switched from Desktop Support to Security there is a different skillset needed. Problem solving, diagnostic, and the abiity to work with others are still needed, but need to be applied in a differnt way. The difference in the work is night and day, but the tone of the work is the same or worse. If I'm talking to someone it's usually not good. Because of the difference in the day to day I've put in a lot of time adding additonal tools to my technical skillset. It's a ton of work. Sometimes I get tired, but I don't stop because...

Cyber Security Rocks

And I'm going to Rock It. One of the main reason I started working with computers in the first place was the amount I would have to learn to be good at it. I had a teacher that would let me cut class and hang out in the PC Lab. I was there so often that he made me an unofficial tech. He showed ne the inside of a computer he was fixing. It really wasn't rocket surgery, I just thought it was. The first time I worked on a computer I just knew I would trash it. I didn't. That taught me that I am my own biggest limitation. I can do way more than I think.

Wherever you are right now Mr. Brown, I thank you.

I am looking forward to the new role, but I'm a little shaken by the prospect of starting something new. Much in the same way I thought I wouldn't be able to fix that computer. Maybe shaken is not the right word here, let's call it exhiliration. At this point I know that I'm the only one that has doubts about my ability, I also know that this is within my ability. I say those doubts keep me sharp. Gives me drive. I'm just not willing to lose to myself anymore.

I'm studying for the CompTia CYSA+ exam as we speak. I needed a break from studying, so I work on something technical to relax. Everyone has their own wierdness. I am no exception.

Cybersecurity is everybody's job.

I think this change will be good for me. I am paranoid enough to go throgh the data just to make sure everything is ok, If I spend hours and don't find anything, that's a good day. It's when you do find something that it gets really time consuming. Cybersecurity is not only for big companies anymore, especially in this Work From SmartHome era. It is up to everyone that connects to the internet to protect themselves. Change your passwords often and use strong passwords. Don't use default credentials on smart home devices. Update your software regularly. Use multi-factor authentication (2FA) whenever you can. You protect everyone else by protecting yourself first.

Well, for now...


Well that's DJames617 in a nutshell. That's what I'm all about right now. I am constantly evolving so this content will change when I do.

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