Covid Confinement or Corona Curiosity?


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  I've been hearing that all my life.  I never really knew what people were trying to tell me until the year 2020. 

2020 was one big lemon of a year.  With a lemon that big, it wasn't hard to figure out.


This is my first pandemic.  During the ensuing quarantine I found myself so bored that my family told be to find somthing else to do besides watch Anime and be grouchy.

"If a day goes by that you haven't learned something new, you've just wasted a day."  I forget who told me that, but it's stuck with me for as long as I can remember.

I've always wanted to learn about many things, but I never had the time to sit and dedicate myself to learning something new.   The pandemic provided the perfect opportunity to change that. One day out of shear boredom I decided to stop wondering about all the things and finally learn about them.  


I've always been curious about how networks functoined, but learning the Cisco Language seemed daunting. Subnetting made my head spin. I couldn't conceptualize the concept.


I wanted to know more about the internet other than what sites I liked.  I saw so many outdated sites I thought that maintianing a website must have been rocket science. In fact I wanted to control my own website. I wanted to know what works and what doesn't.  Why do people do things that others don't?  What are the benefits and drawbacks to taking these actions?

I just had to know.


I've approached each subject a complete novice, but I am happy with the results of my reasearch; and this is the result of my curiosity.  I've learned how to configure switches and routers.  Now I'm on to the internet side of things.  If you are reading this, that means I've figured out how to get what's in my head on the internet somehow. 


I apologize in advance.


My children, wife, and dog have all suffered with me through the frustration.  I've spent many hours in my "Laboratory" learning.  One day maybe we will be able to put all of this acquired knowledge to good use.

I don't use any of these.


Family Guy








So this is all going to change as my knowledge increases.

For some reason I woke up one morning determined to put up a web page.  Simply because I had never done it before, and the Corona Virus is keeping me from leaving the house.  The wife and I are working from home, the kids are schooling from home.  We just got a new Boxer puppy.  Why not put up a web page too.



Maybe I am.  I am also learning Japanese.  I could think of a lot of things that would be more fun but, since it's risky to go outside right now; I think this is a better use of my time.